Stand Number: 1032

Corporate Governance Shop

Corporate Governance Shop provides corporate governance assurance services worldwide, comprising outsourced risk management, internal audit, compliance, health and safety, quality assurance, anti fraud, anti money laundering, training, due diligence. Complementing this outsourcing activity our recruitment agency division provides highly talented candidates to fill permanent and temporary vacancies worldwide within all these fields of corporate governance, including multi-lingual consultants. We can also assist with commercial mediation, Board training, cyber security, running your internship programme, post implementation reviews and peer reviews of existing providers` services. If it`s corporate governance then we can probably do it.

CGS operates through two business segments, outsourcing and recruitment.

We are working on the launch of a new additional brand appealing to youth, LET US DO IT. This is going to specialise in the placement of work experience students, interns, apprentices, under graduates and graduates aged from 15 to 25. There will be a strong synergy between the brands: CGS leads with experience while LUDI leads with youth.

We sell items on-line, including software, templates and other useful articles.

We plan to float on NEX Exchange in 2020.

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