Stand Number: 238

Government Equalities Office

Gender pay gap reporting is now mandatory for many companies; the Government Equalities Office can support you through this process.

Organisations with 250+ employees are legally required to publish their gender pay gap data by March or April 2018. Calculations include mean and median gender pay gap and bonus gap data, as well as showing the proportion of male and female employees in each salary quartile.

The gender pay gap in 2016 was the lowest on record, at 18.1%, but we are committed to eliminating it entirely. Identifying any gap is the first step to addressing it. Tackling gender gaps in work could add £150bn to GDP by 2025 according to McKinsey. For organisations, it can enhance your reputation, allow you access to a wider talent pool and increase employee satisfaction.

The GEO team can help you understand the requirements, find full guidance and support, and think about the steps your organisation can take to address and close any gap.