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For many business owners, music is an integral part of their business, used as a commercial driver to attract customers, retain staff and to create a unique brand.

In any environment, music has the potential to affect our mood and alter how we perceive and experience our surroundings. Used correctly, music can be a powerful tool in a business setting, leaving a lasting impression on customers.

There is an intrinsic value that recorded music can add to businesses and UK law provides that the creators of music should be fairly rewarded for use of their recordings and performances.

Whether playing music for staff or customers, the majority of businesses are usually legally required to hold a PPL licence.

PPL is the music licensing company which works on behalf of thousands of performers and record companies to license recorded music played in public (in bars, nightclubs, restaurants, shops, offices, and many other business types) across the UK.

If PPL did not exist, a business would be required to contact each record company to individually obtain permission before being able to lawfully play recorded music at its premises in the UK.

After the deduction of PPL`s running costs, all licence fee income is distributed to PPL`s performer and record company members. PPL does not retain a profit for its services.

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