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We are a market research company that specialises in helping start-up and small businesses. With a panel of over 1 million respondents worldwide (150,000 in the UK and 450,000 in France) we have worked with over a thousand businesses to help make their start-up ideas a success.

Our research is done through online quantitative surveys that are sent out through our panel websites to hundreds or thousands of respondents. The surveys are fully customisable; panellists can be targeted by age, gender, interests, geographical location, and many other categories.

You can find out more about our service here or take out a free quote with us to find out how much your project would cost.

Marketest is part of Made in Surveys LTD, created in 2008 (Registration No 6550725). The parent company `Creatests` (Made in Surveys FR) has been established since 1998 in France.

We have our own proprietary Panel in the UK (150,000 panellists) and in France (450,000 panellists). In total it is near 30 panel websites.

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