Stand Number: 3034


Planning is important. If you don`t plan, you plan to fail. When planning your business` finances, having a single plan is not enough. You need to find out how your business will do in both the good and the bad times. When is the right time to start a new project or make a new hire? Is the business even feasible..? These are hard questions to ask, especially if you`re not an accountant - but they need answers.

So there`s the problem. Now, what can we do about it?

We aim for powerful results arrived at in simple ways. Our goal is to make financial planning easy, while at the same time giving planners a boost with some powerful tools usually only seen in high-end accounting systems. Our software is specifically designed to use everyday language and a highly visual interface. We hope this will help you get to grips with the future of your business and make better informed decisions.

Brixx generates a dashboard and financial reports with drilldowns to let you know which business activities make up each number. But the strength of planning using Brixx is in the financial model that you build. It`s not a static plan, but something designed to be changed, moulded, and questioned. Our modular approach is unique. It`s what allows Brixx to do what no other planning tool can, while staying simple.

The best way to get into something is to try it. So our core app is completely free. You can make a free account right now on

If you like what we do, or need more tools or longer plans, we have a low cost subscription version you can sign up to.