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Millenial Talent

Your business always has room for improvement. And here's how..

Have you come out of a 40 hours a week job in search for a life of luxury, but now find yourself doubling that time on a business?

Is your business struggling to even pay itself off?

Or do you struggle to put together an effective team of staff and find yourself carrying out tasks that are earning you no money?

If you said yes to any of those, business coaching will fix it.
Not "might",
not "could",
but will.

Sean Purcell, an award winning coach, has the technical knowledge and skills to push your business in the right direction. Offering a range of services at different price points, no matter what your business or financial situation is, there will be a service suitable for you.

1 to 1 Coaching is available for business owners who want to grow their business rapidly with 100% of the focus being on you.

ActionCLUB Coaching is available to those who want to be coached in a group setting, building strategic alliances with your peers.

GrowthCLUB is a 90 day business plan workshop where you will map out small goals throughout the next 90 days that your business will achieve, with help from Sean to highlight the issues and goals and how you can execute them effectively.

ProfitCLUB is a group setting in which you can network with your peers and gain valuable feedback and advice from other's perspectives and gain knowledge on how to start or progress an already existing business.

Millennial Talent also hosts networking events such as the Millennial Circle where individuals can go to meet other incredible people and gain useful contacts for your business or careers as well as gaining valuable information from our guest speakers.

Offering a wide range of services, we take away your excuses to continue running a business that isn't where you want it to be.
Take the first steps involved into becoming a success and start business coaching now.

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