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Academy of Design Thinking by Gconsultancy Innovation

We help organisations big and small grow through Innovation. We are a London based Academy of Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship that operates globally. We believe Innovators are not born, they are made. Our Academy programmes give you the mindset, knowledge, process and tools to innovate, disrupt and grow.

We provide the whole service, from consultancy and diagnosis to training staff in growth and innovation mindset, process and tools. There are 4 key areas our team of excellent consultants and trainers help companies:
1. Facilitate Strategy design to future proof your company.
2. Develop innovation and entrepreneurial skills.
3. Create innovation culture for sustainable growth.
4. Build storytelling skills in founders, managers and leaders to inspire and influence.

Our philosophy is that the organisations themselves have the answers: we help them ask the right questions, innovate and be fit for the digital present and future

Our approach to innovation is human-centred. Our programmes are at the intersection of Design Thinking, Lean and Agile, giving you the process, methods and a toolbox you can use straightaway to empathise with clients, customers and employees, spot problems, turn problems into opportunities for solutions, prototype and experiment and create a roadmap for implementation of the digital future.

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