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Every business wants to be successful, keep operational cost low and compete with large organizations but not every business has the resources to achieve this. Trying to answer all your business calls and also having to mange the office can create huge obstacles to your business growth.

Answerpoint understands the need of small to medium size businesses and new start-ups. With the help of Answerpoint you can make your business more productive and profitable, you will be able to reach out to more customers, generate more sales and stay ahead of the competition. You will have less business overheads and more freedom and flexibility to concentrate on your other important aspects of your business such as marketing & promotion.

How do we do that? With 20 years of experience, we offer you a business telephone answering platform whereby you can use our receptionists to answer your business calls in the manner that you prescribe to us. The receptionist gets to know you and your business. The receptionist act as your staff and switchboard as though it was your own office. Your calls are answered promptly and professionally so you never get to miss any calls. Your calls are answered in your company`s name as specified by you which can then be emailed to you immediately. We can handle calls from simple message taking to more detailed responses including diary management. We can also act as your switchboard and transfer calls to your staff wherever they are located in the world. The procedure is simple and flexible. The callers will not know they have come through to an outsourced company.

This service is ideal for businesses that place greater emphasis on customer care. Our call answering service can be used as a first point of contact or during busy periods when you are unable to answer your calls. Your messages are forwarded to you instantly via phone, e-mail, SMS or as agreed via your chosen method. This service is ideal for small to medium businesses and new start-ups looking to keep overheads low yet still maintain a high level of customer support and look big.

If you want to manage your business more efficiently, portray an image of a large organisation and keep your new and existing customers happy then contact us today and see what difference we can make to your business growth. our basic service package starts from as little as £25 per month with no minimum contract and you can have access to multiple operators immediately. If you still require further convincing then why not have our 2 weeks FREE TRIAL of our service to see the benefits.

Other add-on services we offer include any UK National, Local and Freephone numbers, London virtual office address for new start-ups.

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