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Our approach gives a new meaning to employment by creating a more pleasurable environment for workforces; fostering a purpose-driven culture aligned with business missions, visions and goals.

Our services are now reinforced with a whole new suite of products and services that helps us make your workplace the best place for your staff!

We`ve introduced two brand new products: WOW - The Wonderful Workplace and iEngagement.

WOW, the Wonderful Workplace, is an amazing work-life engagement experience that motivates and empowers workers to be happy in an upbeat, fun and positive environment. As every organisation`s most valuable asset is its workforce, we support employers by providing specialised tools for self-improvement and lifelong learning. Plus, reward and recognition schemes are offered to show appreciation through events, incredible gifts and amazing life experiences.

iEngagement consists of a range of employment tools that create an engaged workplace culture that fuels creativity, motivation, innovation, and business growth. Operations run more effectively with the help of our consultants in:

• HR legislation and administration
• Employment law (performance reviews, disciplinary matters and dismissals)
• Auto enrolment
• Payroll

Best of all, we add value to the lives of employers and workers through complimentary VIP perks, supporting their overall wellbeing with:

The VIP Medical Care: a personal GP 24/7 to employees and their families, care support and a dedicated medical specialist

The VIP Wellbeing: health information, a health assessment plus a confidential helpline for reducing pressures faced at work or at home, on a daily basis

The VIP Lifestyle: a discount portal of top brands plus insurance

The VIP Employee: where employees can access their payslips (online and hassle-free) and monitor their investment fund performance regarding their pension scheme in real time

We take pride in shaping the future of employment by helping people stay motivated and eager to evolve; upgrading their skills, unlocking their potential and eventually, leading organisations to excellence. Businesses with more engaged employees perform better. It`s as simple as that!

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