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Genius in 21 Days

Genius in 21 Days offer inspirational training on a range of advanced learning techniques. This highly interactive training is a revolutionary approach to personal and professional development. The training will provide in depth methods of remembering names, numbers, faces pictures and the art of speed reading. All these skills can easily be applied to study, work, personal and fun! With over 60 branches from 5 different countries, Genius in 21 Days provide the future of advanced learning techniques and personal development.

At the Genius and 21 Days training you WILL learn the following techniques:

Improve your speed reading by 40% minimum
How to lower your stress levels to optimise learning capacity
How to build Mind Maps for home, work and study
How to create a study method that WILL work
How to retain and recall information in seconds
How to remember and speak as many foreign languages as you want
How to manage your time and create more efficiency in your life
How to improve your presentation skills

Following successful completion of the course each G21D student will be assigned with a dedicated mentor. The role of the mentor is to help the student continue to improve their chosen area of development. The mentor will also help the student with the implementation and application of the new techniques into everyday life.

The Genius in 21 Days training is leading edge and driven by the results of its students. We look forward to welcoming YOU on our next training event. We can assure you, this first step WILL be start of something special.

Thank you.

Your Genius in 21 Days team!

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