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The AI driven Nexolt SmartEdge Relationship Marketing Platform Synthesize aggressive-targeted customer interaction at progression, legitimize brands to drive max growth through automation.

Nexolt SmartEdge is a Customer Relationship Management platform enabled by a deep understanding of the customers and their behavior. It brings together the ability of predictive micro-segmentation and campaign automation technologies to create consistent deliveries. Marketers and loyalty experts use Nexolt SmartEdge to understand the nuanced requirements of their customers to create emotionally engaging conversations with them over different touch points thereby improving performance in all areas.

The intuitive web interface of Nexolt SmartEdge technologies makes it easier for marketers to personalize and execute campaigns. It also allows them to assess and thereby sharpen the quality of communication leading to an enhance revenue and customer lifetime value

Nexolt SmartEdge is one of its own kind with the help of intuitive and predictive customer modeling, Nexolt SmartEdge first re-frames the challenge and then delivers an optimal result. The eco-system uses predictive customer modeling to personalize retention campaigns.

Nexolt SmartEdge offers advanced customer segmentation which allows marketers to deliver to a set with a higher intent and propensity to buy. The customer modeling system allows marketers to easily identify and define customers groups to target as per affinity which the company's marketers would have found extremely difficult to identify independently.

Each day, the Nexolt SmartEdge software creates a unique list of customer IDs which will receive the creatives for the campaign on their Email ID with schedule send time as well. Post this the Nexolt SmartEdge's Platform sends out the personalized campaign at the exact specified time.

Nexolt SmartEdge then tracks the progress of the campaign on a real-time basis and reports on the financial/conversion success of the campaign (compared to a pre-selected control group) and depending upon the campaign performance our AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven platform analyses the performance and accordingly plan the next line of action as per our algorithms.

How does Nexolt SmartEdge help me convert more customers?

Nexolt SmartEdge is an amalgamation of logic and intuition to create an interactive platform that allows marketers to deliver personalized, real-time, multi-channel conversations with customers that create the sharpest edge through a combination of unique parameters to convert non-paying customers to engaged loyalists. In addition to that, it also allows marketers to maximize different metrics across the customer lifecycle: customer engagement, loyalty, and lifetime value.

How does Nexolt SmartEdge help me increase customer spend?

Nexolt SmartEdge helps marketers select the best marketing actions for each group of customers to maximize Nexolt SmartEdge is a database intervention that is truly unique. It can analyze large numbers of a database and intelligently assess different data points in order to recommend the best marketing actions for each group of customers to maximize the transaction frequency and the spend.

Nexolt SmartEdge is able to achieve this through a superior artificial intelligence module that optimizes the match between customer micro-segmentation and marketing actions. This also includes the ability to identify the "big spenders" among the regular customers while at the same time keeping the focus on the customer lifetime value, avoiding recommendations for short-term gain at the expense of longer-term revenue.

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