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Intuitive client management functionality combined with fully integrated multi-channel communication features OUT OF THE BOX are some of the reasons whey Sentle is making waves in the CRM market for SMEs.

Built as an antidote for expensive and clunky CRMs that are rarely used to their potential, Sentle offers a real alternative for SMEs looking for a single and focused solution to manage their contact data and communication strategy.

Key features and functionality include...

Click to Call Telephony: Make calls to clients and customers via a click of the mouse with screen pops signalling inbound calls from known contacts.

Call Recording and Notes: All calls made through Sentle will be recorded and neatly stored against the contact's timeline with call notes easily captured and stored also.

Conversational Text Messaging (SMS): Whether sending to a single contact or messaging to a group, all texts will be personalised to the recipient with them able to respond and all conversations stored against the contact's timeline.

Mobile App: Take Sentle out on the road with you, with contact details, calls, messages and appointments easily managed through your mobile.

Intuitive Contact Database: Easily capture and store your contact data with descriptive tags creating a custom fields making flexible data management a breeze.

Contact Activity Timeline: Any calls, messages, emails or file uploads will be recorded on the contact activity timeline making searching for past activity a breeze.

Document Management: Upload your contact documents and files directly into Sentle, keeping everything in one place...where it should be.

Workflows and Tasks: No matter what your business processes, a workflow can be configured to cover it with associated tasks and reminders automatically created where required.

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