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Tamar Telecommunications

Tamar Telecommunications -
Helping businesses to expand through professional Telecoms services.

Tamar Telecommunications built its reputation in the telecoms industry, selling virtual phone numbers to businesses across the UK. Their virtual numbers have a range of benefits for businesses, backed by first class customer service, setting an example for the industry that competitors have been chasing ever since.

Virtual landline numbers allow businesses to expand into different areas without the expense or need to open new offices. For example, Nottingham businesses wishing to expand into Derby can simply set up a local number for Derby and have it divert to their current Nottingham office/phone. These numbers allow businesses to advertise in several areas with local numbers, increasing business in any areas they wish to expand too.

Of course, if you are more in the business of nationwide coverage and customer service, Tamar Telecommunications will also supply you with 0800 Freephone and 0333 nationwide numbers.

With Tamar Telecommunications you don`t just get the number. They offer an impressive 10+ features with each line, completely free of charge. These features include benefits such as Timed Diverts, allowing businesses to set their working hours to take calls or divert to voicemail (also included) or another member of staff. Other free features include Welcome Announcements, Holiday Settings, Blacklist and a 24-hour control panel allowing businesses to manage their number settings as and when they please.

One of the founders of Tamar Telecommunications, Kevin Christoforou said:
`We didn`t want to just sell a product and that be the end of it. Our aim is always to provide first class customer service to new and existing customers. Building a loyal customer base that feels valued. We help businesses to grow and expand using our telecoms services and that is something we are very proud of.`

Rated 1st on TrustPilot out of 100 telecoms companies and boasting over 10,000 customers, Tamar Telecommunications is certainly setting the standard for the industry.

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