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The Debt Recovery Bureau

Don`t ignore the Elephant in the room; let us handle your debts so they don`t get ignored or forgotten.

Did you know?

• SMEs wrote off nearly £6bn of debt last yea
• 80 percent of SMEs have balances outstanding from their debtors
• average SME business estimated to be owed £63,000
• 1 in 5 corporate insolvencies caused by late payment or insolvency of another
• 11% of SMES writing off debt because don`t have time or the funds to chase debts

We have been providing debt recovery services to businesses since 2003 and we know that it is not uncommon for businesses to have outstanding invoices with significant amounts owed. If this is the case for you, you are not alone.

We understand that it requires tact and diplomacy, and a firm approach, to recover outstanding payments from your customers. Our staff are trained to deal sensitively with recovery of money from debtors. We also know it is more difficult to recover money once goods or services have been delivered.

Why not call in the experts and get on with doing what you do best - running your business?

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Credit Control
Prevention is better than cure. It is not possible to avoid late payers or prevent bad debt completely. However, DRB offers an outsourced credit control service and credit control advice. We will help you to understand when it is best to call in the experts.

Debt Recovery
You can rest assured that we will manage your debt book sensitively, and professionally. You should see an increase in your cash flow and your time is freed up to run your business rather than chasing old debt.

Legal Review
If we have not been able to recover your money through our debt collection process we can provide you with a Legal Review report detailing the likelihood of recovering your money through the courts, before you spend a penny on expensive legal costs.

Company Report
If you are providing a significant line of credit or considering working with new partner companies we can provide you with a detailed company report, for a small fee. This will include information on credit ratings, advisory credit limits, outstanding mortgages, CCJs as well as historic account information and Directors to help you make the best decisions for your business.

Consumer Debt
We can also help you to recover debts from consumers and in many cases we can do so at no cost to you. Whether you can reclaim debt recovery costs on consumer debt will often depend on the contract you have in place with your customer. For advice on consumer debt recovery get in touch with the experts today.

Other Services
If your debtor has moved we offer a comprehensive Trace service.
Alternatively if we know where your debtor is but they are refusing to communicate we can undertake a Field Agent Visit to determine their situation and ability to pay.

So why Use Us?

• Free to you to collect B2B debt
• Tailored service to meet your business needs
• Proven track record of success
• Comprehensive service covering all business sectors
• Detailed monthly report and release of funds [?]
• We work hard to maintain your company`s reputation

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Ecoffins have been using the services of The Debt Recovery Bureau since 2007 and they have managed to recover numerous debts which we assumed would be lost revenue. Neil and his team offer a professional, experienced service, dealing quickly with referrals. Regular telephone calls, reports and emails, keep us up to date with the progress of each account and when the debt is recovered we receive the money promptly. We will continue to use their services and would not hesitate to recommend DRB to any company with outstanding debts.
Chris Marshall, Ecoffins

Your fees are very small for the results you get
Paul Sinclair, Motorcycle Funerals Ltd

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