Stand Number: 4164

Z group

We are one of the UK`s first Alternative Business Structures (ABS), regulated by the SRA, RIBA and the ICAEW offering a comprehensive suite of financial, legal, taxation, wealth protection and management consultancy services to our personal and business clients. We are a truly integrated `one-stop` shop providing business property and legal solutions allowing you to focus on your lifestyle and what matters to you.

Being an ABS allows us to intimately understand your business needs and personal wealth goals in a holistic way not open to discrete professional service providers and consultants such as traditional lawyers, architects and accountants no matter how well intentioned they are. We connect the dots to provide agile business solutions for your evolving needs always putting you first and helping you make fully informed decisions.

We aim to challenge, disrupt and ultimately change the discrete professional services market to ensure we are always serving our client`s best interest and not our professional ego. We will continue to innovate and diversify our skill base to ensure we can service our clients evolving needs. Z Group will consistently deliver meaningful and beneficial change in the market place for professional services.


Bespoke - Each client is as unique as we are. Our highly experienced team of legal and accounting professionals provide a bespoke service to help our clients achieve their personal and business goals through fresh collaborative thinking.

Financial - finance efficiency is at the heart of everything we do. We are passionate about helping individuals and organizations work smarter and grow faster. We help you make the right financial decisions to improve your business performance.

Intelligence - Our team of experienced multi-disciplinary professionals use their deep technical skills, judgement, network and unique business processes to help you improve the way you operate. We aim to help you innovate, reduce costs, manage risks, leverage talent and exploit the opportunities to grow. We deliver meaningful and beneficial change for you and your business.

Our integrated accounting and legal services naturally cover the full range of legal, HR, financial and tax processes and our company structure and systems ensure your requirements are compliant and concluded quickly.

Our focus is on you, your business and your personal wealth management; our track record demonstrates we add sustainable and meaningful value both for you personally and for your business however diverse in size and structure it may be.

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