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Claire Bagehot Coaching and Consulting

Business life is changing, be on the leading edge.

You are in business to win. You are in business to live the best life you can. You are in business because you are driven to succeed. You are in business because you have dreams and desires. You are in business to make money.

Whether you are a business owner or working for someone else, you know you are capable of more. There is always room for improvement. If that were not true, we would not have the new iPhone, or the many gadgets in our daily lives we now take for granted.

So what about you? Do you believe you have everything you need, or do you strive to tweak, hone and tone yourself on every level to stay on the leading edge, to get to the next level?

This is the difference between thriving in an exponentially fast changing world, and surviving or even losing out. Active vs passive. Abundance vs scarcity. Fixed mindset vs growth mindset. Which are you, and who do you have on your team to elevate you to the next level?

Maybe events in life have thrown you off course, perhaps you believe you can only get so far in business, income, life, or you`re being overlooked for a promotion or pay rise. It`s conceivable that what you once held dear doesn`t hold water any more, and your motivation, drive, confidence, strength, prominence and authority have taken a hit, or been undermined. Maybe you got just a little too comfortable where you were, and got a little lost in the process to see others passing you by.

When the bar is raised, raise your game. To win.

So you need a helping hand, someone who can to help you clear overwhelm, confusion, anger, apathy or despondency to get you back in the driving seat, back in control, confident, strong and noticed again.

That`s where I come in.

I work with people who have a deep desire to be on the leading edge, to evolve, to get the most out of their life, their business, themselves, to be in the top 5%.
That may mean some initial hard grafting, but I guarantee you that it gets easier, that life and business flow with synchronicity and ultimately, it`s fun.

I work very closely with my clients to create ``inner game`` programmes that result in ``outer game`` solid results, and, at times, the impossible becomes reality.

I am in for the long haul, I see the bigger picture and work with you to make that happen. I am not a `one session will fix my life` person, so quick fixes are not my thing.

When you are ready to make a commitment to yourself, decide to do what is necessary to win, even diving into the sometimes murky depths of the human existence, to bring up the golden nuggets and treasure as yet uncovered, that will gift you long term dividends, contact me.

Claire is a laser focused consultant and coach, working with people at a deep level on their inner game, creating lasting and profound change, to produce solid results in their business and life.

She is certified in NLP Master, NLP Coaching Master, Hypnotherapy Master, and has studied / is studying a vast range of subjects Spiritual Psychology, Mindset, Neuroscience, Empowered Energetics, Health, Linguistics, Presence and more. Her flexibility, wisdom and applicable knowledge greatly benefit her clients.

Claire creates bespoke programes tailored to each client`s needs. Her calm and soothing energy allow people to feel totally safe and to open up. She is certainly not the ``easy option`` though, no `done for you` here. She expects her clients to work as hard as she does in sessions and in between sessions. Her clients love working with her, and obtain the lasting results they seek.

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