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Khaos Control Cloud

Khaos Control Cloud is the browser-based ERP that will give you back business control. Our powerful Cloud ERP will streamline your processes, with everything from stock control to accounting, Khaos Control Cloud is an affordable solution that powers your whole business.

You will never be in the dark about your business and its progress again. Khaos Control Cloud gives you overviews of your whole business and allows you to see in a flash whether you`re making profit or loosing it. The software also integrates with a host of channels including Magento, Xero and eBay, and work in perfect harmony within integrations to give your business some balance. Any third party website can be integrated with Khaos Control Cloud using our powerful API, so you`re not going to loose anything if your data is stored within a different system.

Focus on growing your brand and business, and Khaos Control Cloud will do the rest. Take the first step in transforming your business by signing up for a free trial:

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