Stand Number: 602

The Millennials Coach

We are a leadership practice dedicated to harnessing the power of the millennial generation to create a better and more profitable world.

With over 17 million millennials in the UK by 2019, many of whom are now occupying leadership or entrepreneurship roles, the Age of the Millennial is upon us!

We scour the latest research and academic thinking and then turn it in to practical, workable ideas that can be deployed by millennial leaders and entrepreneurs. As a result, we work with young and aspiring leaders, those entering their first major leadership role, and those who are now moving in to senior leadership, or are running their own business.

We believe that the Age of the Millennial is upon us, and that they have the capacity to do amazing things for themselves, their organisations, and for society if they are given the right challenge and motivation.

We also work with businesses to help them to understand how to recruit and retain the best millennial workforce, as well as giving them useful insights in to the millennial consumer market, ensuring that their brand is positioned correctly to take advantage of the `Millennial Pound`.

If you are unsure how our team can help get in contact with us now to have a no-obligation chat.