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British Red Cross

The British Red Cross is looking for dynamic women to join our Young Tiffany Circle. A diverse network of young professionals united in their desire to support those in crisis. This is an inspirational opportunity to engage and work with the next generation of leading female philanthropists.

Since the inception of the British Red Cross, women have played a key role through their displays of courage and determination to improve the lives of those in need, in wartime, in the field and through leadership. We continue this legacy through our Young Tiffany Circle

Originally set up by the Tiffany Circle, a worldwide programme of passionate humanitarians, the Young Tiffany Circle is now in its second official year and continuing to grow

The Circle hosts an annual Fashion Show raising valuable funds for the charity, the next of which takes place this September. Other events have included luxury evenings at Tiffany, Dior and Faberge, where members have had the opportunity to learn more about the work of the Red Cross as well as the wider Tiffany Circle.

These successful young women already include news editors, legal and financial professionals, PR and brand managers, architects, entrepreneurs, fashion designers and more. As well as benefiting from networking opportunities and exclusive event invitations, they work together to make a lasting difference to the lives of other women, both here in the UK and around the world, strengthening communities and saving lives.

If you would like to learn more about the work of the Young Tiffany Circle, the British Red Cross or how you can become involved, we would love to hear from you.

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