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Swisstok Telnet UK Ltd

dodidone - a set of cloud-hosted services which includes our trading platform (doditrade), convenient telephony & messaging tools (dodicall), secure email (dodimail) and protected cloud storage (dodibox).

doditrade - global online trading platform for your business:
• global search for potential business partners;
• trade without intermediaries and physical borders;
• advanced ways of communicating with customers;
• business partner network.

dodicall - cloud phone system & messaging solutions for effective business communications:
• secure calls, chats and video-calls;
• hosted PBX;
• multi-channel local numbers in countries of operation;
• applications for iOSand Android.

dodimail - email with increased levels of protection:
• end-to-end message protection;
• emails with your domain;
• single contacts book for all dodidone services;
• simple and user-friendly interface & applications for mobile handsets.

dodibox - safe & reliable cloud data storage:
• protected storage;
• automated backup;
• file sharing & collaboration.

All the services that you would previously obtain from different providers, including the trading platform, are now integrated into a single `eco-system` accessible under a single subscription at affordable prices.

Communicate, buy, sell - dodidone opens up new horizons for your business growth.

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