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Spotcap provides flexible and accessible small business financing, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on what matters - their business. We provide SMEs with unsecured credit lines of up to £150,000. As a result of our unique online business model, Spotcap is able to make credit decisions within 24 hours. The company types that are eligible for a Spotcap business credit line are limited companies, partnerships, and sole trader.

Spotcap was created to help businesses that face difficulties in obtaining financing. While working at some of the leading financial service institutions in Europe we noticed that the SME sector was underserved. Healthy businesses consistently struggled with getting access to capital injections at critical times; there was clearly an unmet need in terms of short-term flexible financing.

Over the past few years we have put our knowledge and passion into building a business that assesses credit-worthiness using a wider set of data than traditional loan providers. Our credit risk algorithm has been developed in-house and we lend from our own balance-sheet. The service we offer, a flexible credit line that gives businesses the freedom to make a drawdown when needed, has been well-received.

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