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Newcorp Logistics, the expert in post-Brexit exporting to the EU.

Regardless of whether or not the UK remains in the Customs Union and/or the Single Market, one thing is certain to change - all goods entering the EU from the UK will attract input VAT payable by the importer. The financial, administrative and compliance burden that this places on the importer will inevitably make UK goods less competitive than similar goods available within the remaining EU member states.

Newcorp Logistics has the solutions that will help UK exporters retain their competitive edge. As licensed general Fiscal Representatives they can take care of all of the VAT and excise duty requirements, including the deferral of VAT payments due from the customer. A global company based in the heart of the port of Rotterdam, Newcorp offers a fully comprehensive logistics service, ranging from transportation and warehousing to bonding, escrow and inspection services.

All financial risks are avoided; for buyers, sellers and any 'middle-men' that may be involved, something that is very important for traders buying and selling within the EU.

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