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Wikitowns Ltd

We are looking for creative and talented graphic illustrators and designers to be part of a Wikitowns project aimed at creating a new way of viewing websites. Besides designing for mobiles, tablets and computers we are looking further ahead to design for the rapidly emerging possibilities becoming available through smart television.

The Wikitowns project is a pictorial directory, which spatially groups together websites in the form of towns, which are located on islands in a simulated world in the cloud.

Websites do not pay to be included in this directory. Inclusion is determined by expert curators who are responsible for selecting websites for the themed towns - choosing websites best representative of a town's main theme or subject area.

The chosen websites are portrayed by facade images; within themed streets; within these towns. The images can be designed to simulate buildings, shops, offices, workshops or any other representation to provide a graphical interface for the websites.

Besides conveying the essence of a website's business or services, these images must also be suitably designed to add character and ambiance to the streets and the towns. Such image designs will call for much ingenuity and imagination.

As the chosen websites will be situated in towns which contain up to one hundred of their competitors, the websites will want to make sure their facade images stand out and are competitively attractive. They will need excellent graphic designers and illustrators for this.

With many thousands of websites being included in the various differently themed towns a huge demand for creative image designers and illustrators will arise. To cater for this demand, a town has been set up to provide a place where website owners can go to find them.

In this town, image designers and illustrators will be given a facade, which will link to examples of their work. These designers can be professional graphic design companies, freelancers or simply individuals doing graphic design as a spare time or extra work occupation.

There will be no cost to graphic designers and illustrators for places in this town. But, they will be chosen on merit, which will be decided through submitted examples of their work to provide evidence of their skills and creativity.

Graphic designers included in this town will be able to set their own fees for the facade designs they are asked to produce. Any place where their designs are used, they will be identified as the designer. This will enable designers of exceptional images to be able to attract further design commissions.

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