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Tailored Imports Ltd

About Us
Tailored Imports Ltd has been set up to be your link between far eastern manufacturers and your business, we will take on your sourcing, sampling and full management of imports.

The partnership behind Tailored Imports Ltd boast a combined experience of 20 years in construction, building and project management with over 5 years` experience of dealing with the far east including everything from product design, compliance, factory audits, trade fairs and full management of supply and logistics. The tailored imports team have clocked up some 39 weeks in the far-east over the last 3 years .

Client and Project Management

Our UK based client and project management team offers experience, integrity and an understanding of large and small business needs. This is the team our customers work with on a daily basis and is always on hand for client meetings at your offices. We work directly with you to understand your needs and manage the ongoing relationship.

Customs Clearance and Delivery Management

Our logistics team ensures the delivery of your goods through UK customs by sea or air and onto their final destination.

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