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Nothing matches the exhilaration of running your own business.

Every day you wake up knowing the decisions you make will determine your fate.

It`s a thrilling but sometimes treacherous path. Many new businesses fail in their first five years, whilst established businesses struggle to achieve growth.

We`re here to help.

Informi is a new website that celebrates, facilitates and guides sole traders and small businesses towards a brighter future - one that is sustainable and more profitable.

No matter what stage your business is at, we`ll connect you with the right resources and support, enabling you to make better decisions - just when you need it the most.

Our free and simple guidance covers all aspects of running a business:

Starting out
Business administration
Marketing and sales
Managing people
Managing yourself

With step-by-step guides, interactive calculators, video, podcast and infographics, Informi shines a light on everything you need to know.