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PG Mutual

PG Mutual is a `not-for-profit` mutual founded in 1928 specialising in helping professionals protect their lifestyles in the event of incapacity through our Income Protection Plus plan.

Key benefits of membership of PG Mutual`s Income Protection Plus plan include:

• A regular income if you`re off work because of incapacity due to illness or injury.
• Option for your income protection to start from Day 1 of incapacity, or to choose from a range of deferral periods.
• Cover lasts until you recover sufficiently or reach age 65.
• No penalty for making a claim and no limits to the number of claims that can be made.
• You can currently enjoy exclusive member discounts and cashback benefits from leading brands such as Apple, John Lewis, Sainsbury`s and many more.

As a `mutual` organisation, PG Mutual has no shareholders; all our policyholders automatically become members and any annual surplus (profit) generated by the Society is shared amongst our members in accordance with their terms of their membership.

Cover for employees

As an employer, and if you don`t have a sick pay policy or protection plan in place for your employees, you could continue to pay a staff member full pay when they are on sick pay for a long period of time - leading to unbudgeted costs for your business. We can offer a group scheme for your staff for a fixed cost per month, and pay out a regular income to your staff, should they have to take long-term sick leave.

For more information on PG Mutual`s Income Protection Plus plan, visit, or call 0800 146 307.

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