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Andy Harrington

Andy Harrington was born 1969 in London, he now lives in Kent with his wife and five children

He has shared the stage with Sir Richard Branson, Anthony Robbins, Sir Alan Sugar, Brian Tracy, Paul McKenna and Bob Proctor of The Secret, to name but a few.

Andy and his team has a passion for raising peoples earning potential by breaking them out of the limited mindset of how much they think they are worth. Their Power to Achieve Weekend Seminar has helped improve the quality of lives of thousands of successful people around the world and is a must attend for anyone serious about realising their potential.

Andy has spoken in giant venues like the London o2 Arena, The ExCel Centre and Wembley to audiences of tens of thousands of people at a time. His engaging, entertaining and direct style of teaching has helped business owners and entrepreneurs from around the world to grow their revenues by positioning, packaging and promoting themselves as the go to experts for their industry or niche.

Andy Harrington`s Public Speakers University course is the choice of professional people who wish to improve their ability to inform, impact, inspire and influence their target audience through online video or live on stage performances. Andy is also founder of Professional Speakers Academy an incubator for world class speakers & industry experts wishing to take their skills of influence and persuasion to the highest level.

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