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How To Build A Brand

Strategic branding coach Sammy Blindell is the founder and visionary behind How To Build A Brand, the UK`s most valuable brand building resource for entrepreneurs of fast growth businesses.

Having spent 21 years in the branding and marketing industry, Sammy has dedicated over 100,000 hours of her life to creating, innovating, transforming, branding and building businesses for herself and others all over the world.

She`s relentless in her mission to transform the way entrepreneurs build brands, by consistently testing, innovating, developing and sharing the most powerful and advanced brand building strategies that will dramatically increase the value and credibility of their businesses. Her mission is so strong, that she's on a mission to help you achieve the success you deserve too.

Sammy has launched the B.R.A.N.D. Accelerator Programme into 14 countries so far in just 18 months and is building a growing worldwide reputation for teaching SME's how to get perfectly clear about their brand, so they make more money, have more time, more fun, more freedom and ultimately build a business that makes a profitable impact in the world.

You will regularly find her in press such as The Guardian, The Telegraph, Real Business Magazine and Virgin Start Ups Magazine. She can also be regularly seen on BBC News, Radio 5 Live and other TV channels, being interviewed on topics around branding, business growth and marketing.

If you want to find out how to build a brand, grow your business and become a champion of first time success, make sure you stop by stand 190 to ask Sammy your questions and hear her speak.

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