Sponsor of the Brand Leadership Masterclass

Brand Leadership Masterclass

Become the most profitable business in your industry by joining How To Build A Brand’s line up of 12 world class speakers over two days at our Brand Building Clinic on stand 2090.


Sponsor of the Branding Masterclass

Branding Masterclass

Behind every successful business is a good brand. Something recognisable and trustworthy. Something which ensures customer loyalty, satisfaction and retention. It's about innovation and separating your business from the rest. But it's also about the protection of your ideas and hard work: your intellectual property. Without the right protection behind your brand, you leave it vulnerable to infringement, or even theft.


Sponsor of the Business OOMPH Masterclass

Business OOMPH Masterclass

Our KPMG experts will discuss key issues such as managing cashflow, preparing for growth and how to do your accounts in 30 minutes a week.


Sponsor of the Digital Marketing Kickstarter Masterclass

Digital Marketing Kickstarter Masterclass

Learn how to create a CEO Level Income working from anywhere using the power of Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing & Social Media.


Sponsor of the Instagram Marketing masterclass

Instagram Marketing masterclass

Instagram is 52 times more engaging than Facebook and 127 times more engaging than Twitter! Whether you have an existing business or not, or just want to earn extra money online this Masterclass is a MUST!


Sponsor of the Power To Achieve Masterclass

Power To Achieve Masterclass

Your Business Only Grows in Alignment With Your Personal Growth


Sponsor of the Profitable Growth Masterclass

Profitable Growth Masterclass

A 10 step guide to creating profitable and sustainable business growth. Providing actionable strategies that could have an immediate impact on your business.


Successful Networking Masterclass

So you have an idea for a business in your head, but how do you turn that idea into a commercially successful business?


Sponsor of the Unlock The Power Of Cards Masterclass

Unlock The Power Of Cards Masterclass

Mastercard will explain how making and accepting card payments can immediately improve your cash flow.


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