Sponsor of the Big Data And Its Benefits

Big Data And Its Benefits

Big data is the next big thing!!! Big data will enable businesses to increase sales by making informed decisions and targeted marketing


Sponsor of the Accelerate Your Cash Flow Masterclass

Accelerate Your Cash Flow Masterclass

Accelerate Your Cash Flow Masterclass


Sponsor of the Unlocking Your Business Potential

Unlocking Your Business Potential

How to use Bartercard, ‘the global market leading trade exchange,’ to boost sales, reduce cash expenses, and increase your cash flow.


Sponsor of the Trading From Home Masterclass

Trading From Home Masterclass

Trading Forex and the stock market can be your route to wealth, so learn the tricks that will work in today`s market.


Sponsor of the Passion Into Profit Masterclass

Passion Into Profit Masterclass

How to make big money from who you are and what you know


Sponsor of the Profit Building Masterclass

Profit Building Masterclass

This masterclass will open the door on 3,500 strategies and tactics developed by ActionCOACH, and are guaranteed to deliver a return on investment for any UK business!
Find out why ActionCOACH`s 100+ franchise partners in the UK & Ireland have plenty to smile about. Discover what the UK`s best business opportunity offers, and even if it`s not for you, you`re sure to glean something of immense value, both personally and professionally.


Sponsor of the Brand Leadership Masterclass

Brand Leadership Masterclass

Learn how to become the most visible, credible and profitable business in your industry.


Sponsor of the Digital Marketing Kickstarter Masterclass

Digital Marketing Kickstarter Masterclass

Learn the straight forward, no nonsense methods to create huge profits online whether you are in business or just keen to start.


Sponsor of the E-Commerce Cashflow Discovery

E-Commerce Cashflow Discovery

You can grab your share of this fast growing $15 trillion market place without the need to invent or develop your own products. Here, eCommerce Cashflow Discovery will explain how converging business trends create a unique window of opportunity that you can take advantage of right now to change your life forever.


Sponsor of the Branding Masterclass

Branding Masterclass

Behind every successful business is a good brand. Something recognisable and trustworthy. Something which ensures customer loyalty, satisfaction and retention. It's about innovation and separating your business from the rest. But it's also about the protection of your ideas and hard work: your intellectual property. Without the right protection behind your brand, you leave it vulnerable to infringement, or even theft.


Sponsor of the Building An Online Retail Business

Building An Online Retail Business

Platinum Business Partners has a proven, simple recipe for creating a successful e-commerce business selling products online without having to make, handle, or ship them.


Sponsor of the Business OOMPH Masterclass

Business OOMPH Masterclass

Our KPMG experts will discuss key issues such as cash flow, funding, tax, negotiation, pitching, and scaling up.


Sponsor of the Maximise Your Profits Masterclass

Maximise Your Profits Masterclass

This masterclass will show you simple but ingenious ways to massively increase your profits by working smarter  not harder.


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