Businesses For Sale Live

Businesses For Sale at the Business Show

Attend our programme of seminars and you will learn everything you need to know about getting in and getting out.
We’ll demystify the business sale process. We have industry experts with more buying and selling experience than you can shake a stick at and they will be on hand to provide any guidance you need.

 • How do you find the right business for you? And what happens once you've found it…
 • Learn why buying a business is a great alternative to starting one
 • Get tips on how to get your business a £1 million valuation
 • Find out how to prepare your business so you can sell it for the price you deserve
 • Understand the importance of due diligence and preparation and why this will stop your sale falling apart

Don’t Miss:
We’ll be running a panel session with our experts – all seasoned business sale pros.
This will give you an opportunity to get the answers to your questions – exclusive buying and selling information and advice – FOR FREE.

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Thursday and Friday

  • 11:00: Buying success vs starting it. How to get ahead of the startups.
    Find out why buying an established business can help you leapfrog the start-ups to business success.
  • 12.00: How to buy a business
    Learn about all aspects of the sale process - from where to look for a business for sale to working out your exit strategy.
  • 13.00: Ask the experts. Your questions answered
    An exclusive opportunity to get free answers to your burning business questions.
  • 14.00: Selling a business
    Learn what makes buyers pay more. There’s always something you can do to increase the value of your business. Learn the secrets to successfully preparing your business to sell it at the best possible price.
  • 15.00: Valuation and negotiating a successful deal
    Find out how to value your business and what it will take to win at the negotiating table.
  • 16.00: Why deals fall apart
    Avoid the pitfalls that can make even great deals fail. Research tips for buyers and sellers.

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