Three Reasons Why Small Businesses are Losing Potential Customers

No Online Presence

Most of the consumers go online for finding local products and services. Surprisingly 60% or more small businesses do not have an online presence. Guess what, if a consumer does a search on Google or Yahoo! Or Bing, and they don’t find your business in the search result, they are going to book services from a business, which they can find in the search results. Your business is not going to appear in search results if you don’t have a business web page. It is also important to optimize your business web page for search engines. Search engine optimization in simple terms means that your web page content should have popular keywords related to your business products or services that consumers are searching for in search engines. A computer markup language called HTML is used to create the web pages. SEO also involves having proper tags in HTML such as title, meta description, image captions and alt tags. Mobile devices are emerging as the always on, always connected platform of choice for consumers to find local products or services. Web pages can be programmatically coded in such a way, that they automatically adjust to the size of a small screen. These Web pages, which automatically adapt to the small screen are called “responsive.”  A marketing agency can help a small business in creating SEO optimized responsive web pages, but the cost can pile up quickly. UENI provides an affordable, easy, and low-cost solution for businesses to get an SEO optimized responsive web page. 

Incorrect business information

It is just not enough to have a web page and local search directory listings. It is also important that all your business information is correct on your business web pages and directory listings. The most important things that customers are looking for about a business are its location, phone number and opening hours. Make sure that keep these updated and correct in all the local directory listings and web pages. Apart from location and business hours, potential customers prefer to contact those businesses first that have their product or services, along with their prices listed on the web page.  The web pages that UENI creates for small businesses has all this information on them. UENI also enables consumers to book services that a small business offers directly from the web page.

No social media presence

63% of the adults in U.K. use social media every day. The places where businesses should have social media presence include Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Having a business page on Facebook and posting content regularly will help in engaging and influencing potential customers. Creating a web page in Google My Business helps with SEO, in Google search results, and puts the business in Google maps. Depending upon the type of business and the resources they have, having a Twitter account and posting regular tweets will help in engaging with potential customers. Having an Instagram account and posting images with a theme related to your product or service will also enable you to get followers, who engage regularly. UENI can create a customized premium web page for businesses on Facebook, which has all the product and services listed and enables consumers to book those services directly from the Facebook page. UENI also creates a Google My Business page for the businesses.  

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