Interesting Insights From The Rich List 2017

The recent Sunday Times Rich List of 2017 has brought about some interesting developments. The study shows the 1,000 most wealthy people living in Britain and this year you will need a modest £113 million to make the grade.

The research conducted by tech magazine, TechRound, has picked up on the following trends from this year’s edition:

  • 90% of entrants are male

  • It will be 200 years before women account for 50% of list

  • Most popular source of wealth is property

  • Top end of the list is dominated by non-British-born entrepreneurs

  • More Swedes on the list than Welsh and Northern Irish combined

Britain Still The Top Location

UK born businessmen and women still top the list and although they make up the biggest numbers, it is actually non-British entrepreneurs that dictate the top few spots on the list.

  1. England (52% of the top 250)

  2. Scotland (4%)

  3. India (4%)

  4. USA (3%)

  5. Sweden (3%)

  6. Wales (1.2%)

  7. Syria (1%)

  8. Kenya (0.9%)

  9. Tanzania (0.4%)

  10. Northern Ireland (0.3%)

Property The Biggest Winner

23% of entrants in the top 250 rich list earned their wealth through the property sector. Bricks and mortar may not be their only source of wealth, however, it is included within their portfolio.

Following the property industry, those in finance makes up 9% of the list and pharmaceuticals with 3%. Despite huge developments in the tech and internet industry, this sector is yet to make a noticeable mark in the UK’s rich list.

Also making up the numbers include those that have made their wealth through divorce (3%) and this includes Slavica, the ex-wife of Bernie Ecclestone. In fact, 91 of the top 250 are wealth families, suggesting a reason to combine your wealth with your loved ones to make the list. The Weston family continue to be one of the richest families in the country after making their worth in the retail world – and there is yet to be an individual to surpass them.

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