Understanding your customers: 4 Benefits to Using a Travel Management Tool

The truth is, booking business travel is not as exciting as many think for it to be. Any business traveler or travel manager could easily relate to the following:

  1. Corporate booking tools – they are pricy, clunky and outdated

  2. Working with a travel agent takes ages. Today’s business travelers prefer to be in control of their travel plans.

  3. Modern business travelers prefer booking with tools they already know.

Technology is paving the way for a new breed of solutions. So, what should you look for in a new-age business travel management tool? Hint: it’s not just a bunch of features.


Consumer-Level User Experience

As consumers, we all expect impeccable design and user experience from our apps. Well times are changing, and today’s employees expect no less from their business apps. Simple UI, ease of use and fast performance are what business travelers expect and appreciate.


Managing your business travel using consumer tools is time-consuming and inefficient. Consumer tools redirect you to other websites to complete the purchase, make you pay out of your own pocket, don’t remember your travel plans and preferences and lack invoicing, reporting and other important business travel management features. They are simply not intended for frequent business travelers or busy travel managers such as yourself.

A flexible and trustworthy business travel management tool lets you search, book, buy, invoice, report and manage all your travel all in one place, offering the best of both worlds – efficient, pre-paid, booking experience for the traveler and centralized control and visibility for the travel manager (dashboards, invoicing, budgeting, policy making, reporting).

Open and Integrated

In today’s world, every company or even individual have their own preferred stack of tools, apps and services.  An open and integrated software gives you the freedom to mix and match your business travel management tool with other apps you are already using (e.g. ZapierExpensify). Innovation is the key here – you need a fast-moving solution that is simple to integrate and that keeps surprising you with new features and capabilities continuously.

Affordable Pricing

Corporate travel agencies cost money.  Traditional corporate travel tools cost money. Booking on your own costs money. And time. A true contemporary business travel management tool should save you money. That’s why TravelPerk’s 100% free product means that you can not only afford it but it starts saving you money right from your first business trip.


Maria Juliana Zapata





TravelPerk’s ever-evolving travel management platform streamlines all of your organizations business travel, giving employees more flexibility while offering you and everyone you collaborate with transparency on everything from bookings to budgets. Arm yourself with the kind of digital tool and your bound to save 30% on travel cost and 70% of time your employees time.