Online company governance and funding platform


Today’s companies run on analogue rails, this causes unnecessary friction at many levels. Otonomos is seizing this opportunity to change that through the use of blockchain technology. Whether you are an entrepreneur wanting to start a business, an investment vehicle, a venture capitalist, REIT, or a startup, our services can help transform the way that you do business. Currently company formation, funding and governance is linked to long paper trails that have not changed with the current technological advances. Otonomos helps to fill that void and does it all the way from company formation to governance and ultimately funding. Otonomos allows for disintermediation of traditional corporate services. Once Otonomos has assisted with the company incorporation the dashboard platform allows users to be able to view their company in real time and easily manage all corporate governance duties. The online dashboard allows all stakeholders to have important documents in one central location to facilitate records keeping and compliance. Due diligence processes are simplified and made more secure using our technology.

Otonomos is unique in that we provide the tools to form a company entirely online. As a user you can “order” a company online in a matter of minutes. Rather than starting the process online and then being transferred to a paper-based process, Otonomos simplifies everything making it digital. Otonomos maintains the legal validity of the process by filing with the relevant regulatory bodies to ensure that you are in compliance with all regulatory requirements. Otonomos can assist beyond the basic incorporation services by being appointed as your local director, provide corporate secretarial services, assist with the opening of a bank account, as well as assisting with other accounting, payroll and related services.

Otonomos offers a dashboard to fully manage your company online, this makes managing your Capitalisation Table easier than ever. The “CapTable” that we utilize is much more than just a spreadsheet that needs constant updating. The Otonomos dashboard makes company governance incredibly easy, all you need is an internet connection and you and all the other stakeholders are able to access all your company’s files and information. The dashboard allows your company to be current and accessible by all pertinent individuals, and as a director you have the control to manage all your documents. This is all possible thanks to blockchain technology.

A summary of our services:

  • A digital wallet for every shareholder (shareholders see their holding and can participate in voting)

  • Always up-to-date captable (track who owns shares in your company in real-time)

  • Peer-to-peer share transfer (send shares to investors or employees with ease)

  • Virtual Boardroom (Convene your board and vote online)

  • Multi-company view (View multiple company holdings in one place)

  • Smart Contract resolution suite (Save money by using our template wizards)

  • Online bookbuilding and fundraising (Invite investors to view your company and invest)

  • File all documents under one roof (Store important company documents securely)


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