4 reasons to really consider outsourcing your IT support

Supporting an IT infrastructure requires a complex combination of skills and expertise. From downed email servers and software upgrades, to cloud security and denial of service attacks. When your IT system works, your business runs smoothly and productively, but it only takes one problem to grind your work to a halt.

However, the cost of having an in-house IT system, with supporting salaries for IT specialists on top of expensive equipment, software and overall electricity costs, can be a huge barrier for many small and medium sized business. For many, the answer has been to try and deal with IT issues internally. And while this may work for small issues and in the short term, when something goes wrong it can leave your business at serious risk. Here are the four top reasons why SMEs should consider outsourcing their IT support.

1. Minimise your business costs

If you are a small to medium- sized business keeping costs low is probably of high importance.

IT staff can be pricey. In the UK, the average annual salary of an IT manager can be anywhere between £40,000 and £50,000 a year. Of course, you should also consider the costs of recruiting your IT staff, as well as any on-going or additional training and added company benefits.

When you're watching your budget, having a dedicated in-house person is probably something you're not going to fork out for. But without the necessary IT support you could be putting your business at risk. Even a small IT issue can very quickly grind your business to a halt.

The solution? Outsourced IT managed support. By paying a fixed monthly fee you'll get all the help you need and can be sure that your business keeps running smoothly.

2. Complement or supplement in-house expertise

Your company's IT support needs may fluctuate during the year, and therefore you might not feel that you need in-house IT staff. Or perhaps you rely on just one person to look after your IT while also doing their normal job.

Nevertheless, if your business runs on computers your network and data security should be a top priority. If your server goes down, your emails are hacked, or your network explodes, you run the risk of losing business if you don't have an IT expert on hand. Emergency support can be costly!

When you outsource your IT with a company they should have a dedicated 24/7 service desk so you can speak to an expert at any time to get your problems fixed. They should respond quickly and can do onsite visits where necessary. They'll also be monitoring your systems automatically to make sure that problems are solved before they even cause you an issue.

3. Harness the latest technology

Information technology evolves at an incredible pace. With new products, software updates and application upgrades happening all the time, it can be incredibly difficult to keep up with the changing landscape. But falling behind can mean putting your business at risk, with the potential for hacking and security breaches more likely than ever.

An outsourced IT provider will always be in touch with the latest technology in the industry. A managed IT service will partner with industry-leading providers like Cisco, Acronis, Microsoft and Kaspersky Lab to make sure that they're keeping their customers up-to-date. Always gaining intelligence and training, their knowledge will ensure that your business is always running smoothly and even improving

4. Increase staff productivity

It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that by keeping the management of your IT in-house, and even asking staff to make sure their computers are always functioning normally that you will be saving money. But in the long-term this is rarely true. By asking your employees to take on this responsibility you are not only ensuring they spend less time on their actual responsibilities, but you're putting your business at risk from potential issues down the line.

Using an outsourced managed IT service, you'll be able to keep your employees focusing on their primary roles, which will increase your productivity. It will also mean that you'll have a dedicated all-hours service that can quickly and easily diagnose whatever problem you might be having, thereby reducing the amount of downtime for your business.

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