How your business can benefit from DaaS / VDI

Virtual Desktop Services, also known as DaaS (Desktop as a Service), are becoming more common today, as businesses continue to slowly move away from local servers. Furthermore, businesses can benefit from DaaS as a complete all-in-one solution for your business IT infrastructure.

This is because DaaS goes a step further than the cloud. It’s a complete virtual office solution comprising of a virtual server and any number of virtual desktops, where your business systems, software, and data are held online. You no longer need to worry about your local server at your office going down, as most DaaS services will save your data in different datacentres. Furthermore, your files will always be backed up and you don’t need to worry about costly (not to mention frustrating) downtime anymore.

Not only that, but if your machine was to get stolen, lost or damaged then your documents would still be safe thanks to all your files being held off-site. Another expensive issue that businesses have to deal with over the years is licensing issues, software updates and even hardware upgrades. Getting all of this sorted can seem like a necessary evil but with DaaS you’ll be surprised with just how smoothly these processes can become. This is because everything is taken care of for you, including full remote support, and what’s even better is there are no call out charges for maintenance. The productivity of your business can really see a massive improvement by implementing the features of DaaS.

Business owners looking to boost their IT infrastructure should explore all kinds of different avenues, but one of the most efficient ways to improve the way everything runs is to make the switch to DaaS. With your desktop, server, network, data and software all being hosted using the latest virtualisation technology there’s no need to ever feel disconnected when you’re away from your desk. Whether you’re using a PC, Mac, phone or tablet you can enjoy the different benefits, all you need is an internet connection and away you go.

IT-Logik have been providing the latest virtualization technologies with our very own VDI, vDeskOnline. With vDeskOnline you can benefit from all the benefits mentioned in this blog. Your business also has the opportunity to be truly global.

Our motto for vDeskOnline is Your Business, anywhere, anytime – And that’s simply because it’s true. You can access to your office desktop, software, and services on pretty much any device, and in any corner of the world that provides an internet connection.

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