Boryana Hristova

Boryana graduates from one of the top universities in Bulgaria - University of National and World Economy in 2007 with the subject of Journalism and Mass Communivations. She continues her studies in Cognitive Psycology in order to be in the best use of her clients. She works as a life and personal development coach at ABC Communications Group where she is also a co founder and a managing partner. ABC Communications Group is a training consultancy company which specialises within the personal and business development field. Boryana’s passion has always been helping and supporting like – minded women. Therefore later on she becomes the founder of International Women Connected - a digital and real-life business relationship platform (

Create, Upgrade and Integrate

To be successful in any field of any business one needs to first create an authentic personality, to be able to stand out of the crowd and be memorable as a person. Once created, it should be upgraded daily. Last but not least it needs to be integrated back to the crowd and shine.

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