David Jefferson

David has been a passionate promoter of the business benefits of relationship database during the 25 year evolution of CRM. He advises that successful CRM projects require top management leadership and warns that enterprise transformation takes time.
Trained to implement Maximizer, Siebel, Microsoft Dynamics and later Bpm’online, he believes that touch-point staff need easy-to-use support tools. They also need enhanced relatedness skills to create a caring relationship experience for all customer interactions.
In addition to hundreds of business CRM projects, he has been involved in Disability Service management CRM in HE. 20 UK Universities now use systems from JI. His teams have also implemented innovative relationship database solutions for public consultations on major infrastructure projects impacting large stakeholder populations.

David was a Founder Director of the IT trade body Intellect/techUK. He is an Institute of Consulting Fellow and co-author of the Kogan-Page book: ‘How To Be Your Own Management Consultant’

CRM/XRM is a Journey, Not a System

Some organisations have secured enormous returns from their CRM investments. Why/how? We will review excuses, complaints and other misinformation about why some management teams were disappointed. From JI’s 25years’ experience, we will share 5 absolutely vital CSF’s. We will challenge audience members, with positive stories and those with CRM ‘burns’ to put forward some better ones. One sentence per contributor. Come armed, think expansively, make a difference, go home wiser

David Jefferson will be speaking in the following theatres:

BSU Marketing Theatre - Wednesday 14.45 - 15.15: CRM/XRM is a Journey, Not a System


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