Abdullah Ali-Ahmadi

Abdullah offers expertise ranging from training through to business development and growth strategies. Abdullah was raised in a family that for generations successfully owned businesses. By the age of 16 - and still attending school - he was given sole responsibility for managing one of the family’s stores and its eight employees, providing an invaluable start to a life in business and management.

Abdullah has lived in the UK for 35 years and helped over 70,000 individuals and businesses both at home and overseas. He has established and run several of his own ventures in a variety of industries. Abdullah has won several awards,as a testament to his capabilities and talents, over 20 organisations have included him as chairman, vice-chairman, director, adviser or board member. Abdullah is a fellow of Chartered Management Institute and Institute of Consulting.

Boost Sales with Smart Growth

The pursuit of growth through expansion, diversification or acquisition demand capital and resources - methods that are often speculative. At best they provide delayed results - at worst lead to overtrading. But there’s a new way to grow.
New multi-channel e-Commerce and developments in value chain offer risk-free growth opportunities. At this session, learn how to boost your sales with smart new growth strategies.

2nd Speaking Slot: Start Your Own Business

The days of a job for life are over. The pace of life is rapidly changing. Employers expect multitasking and flexible working practices in return for a pittance. We are left with little choice but to take charge of our own destiny and build the work, lifestyle and the future we deserve by ourselves. Come, learn how you can start a sustainable freelance business and change your life.