Adam Shillcock & Phillip Mitchell

Adam Shillcock is one of the newest members of the Datto Sales Engineering Team, however he has been with Datto for over 2 years in a commercial role educating and helping over 300 of our MSP partners deploy business continuity solutions for small and medium sized businesses. His enthusiasm for the Datto technology uncovered a passion for I.T and how, if used effectively, it can promote efficiency and drive growth. A move into the engineering team has allowed him to become more involved with the technology on a day to day basis, where he''s been able to educate even more partners on the benefits of proper planning and implementation of technology to combat Disasters and Downtime.

Phillip Mitchell, MD, IntraLAN.
After leaving Edinburgh University with a BSc, Phil was an IBM Systems Engineer for 10 years before launching IntraLAN in the mid-90’s. He is highly experienced in IT networks & IT support solutions, and is responsible for putting the company at the cutting-edge when it comes to extending & developing products.

How to Recover from a Ransomware Infection; LIVE and powered by liquid nitrogen!!!

Ransomware is having a field day. It’s still impossible to remove, but now phishing scams are getting smarter, anti-virus can’t detect it, and even if you pay up, you’re not guaranteed to get your data back. It attacks SMEs, schools and even the NHS. No one would willingly contract it - or would they? Watch as we infect a device with Ransomware - drop it into liquid nitrogen and recover it in under a minute. Join us to see how Intralan and Datto’s high-availability approach to Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) will put ransomware cyber criminals out of business!

Adam Shillcock & Phillip Mitchell will be speaking in the following theatres:

Theatre 13 - Wednesday 14.00 - 14.30: How to Recover from a Ransomware Infection; LIVE and powered by liquid nitrogen!!!