Adrian Buthee

Adrian is the Head of Trading at Trendsignal, where he has worked and traded successfully since 2004. The real stars of the show are the strategies taught to new and experienced traders to help them make profits from the Stock and FX markets.

“I''ve turned a £2k account into £9k in just 6 weeks” – Trendsignal client

The key to this profit is a simple, rules based plan. Adrian and his team teach strategies that even brand new traders can follow. Their clients always know what they should be doing according to rules. The best part - there are strategies available to suite all different lifestyles, be it casually from just 20 minutes per day, right up to full time trading.

In 2016 Trendsignal won the “Best Trading Education Provider” award from ADVFN International, a testament to their work and results helping thousands of individuals achieve excellent results, regardless of their previous experience.

Making a big income from just 20 minutes per day

In this modern world we want quicker information, more money and faster results. With record low interest rates, our capital needs to work harder. Trading offers a huge opportunity for wealth and income. With the right approach, trading can work for anyone. This seminar introduces you to the simple strategies taught by an “award winning” trading company and how even brand new traders can generate a significant income using them.


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