Alida Ballard

Alida is a certified accountant who set up Surrey Accountancy Services (SAS) in 2008. Clients are UK Startups, micro and small businesses.
She has nearly 20 years of experience as an accountant and has a strong commercial approach to supporting her clients. Alida strives to help business owners ‘hear’ what their numbers are saying, in time to make the right decisions that lead to their success.
She enjoys working with optimistic, positive and proactive business owners and understands that if a business owner is happy, feels in control and is well supported, the business will thrive.
Alida is passionate about helping UK Startups, micro and small businesses get the important things right, from the start.

Two Startups. Same effort. Two very different outcomes.

Bill & Ben, the flowerpot men, share their stories. Learn about their business journeys and come away with effective planning strategies and a proactive, adaptable approach to challenges in your business.


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