Amelia Bishop

Amelia Bishop is a serial entrepreneur and managing director of Weenie Business Solutions, the business consultancy firm for small to medium size businesses.

Amelia established Weenie Business Solutions after spending many years working with large corporate companies and startups, identifying requirements, reviewing operations, and managing project and change plans.

Through Weenie Business Solutions, Amelia uses her experience of working in businesses large and small for the benefit other entrepreneurs and small to medium size businesses.

How to be BREXIT ready

We don’t know yet what Brexit is going to look like. But we do know one thing. The changes it will bring will affect all businesses one way or another. Trade deals, foreign workers, outsourcing or offshoring, legal clarity and exchange rates will all be affected. In the meantime, while we wait to find out exactly what these changes will be, we must get used to operating in a climate of uncertainty and be Brexit ready.


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