Andy Bailey

Motivated to continually grow, become more efficient and learn new skills has lead Andy to a lifelong love of technology and self-improvement. With seven years experience of all aspects of accountancy practice and ten working on IT projects and software development, Andy offers a unique perspective on designing market leading software for professionals. Delivering original solutions to requirements, focused on unlocking value to customers.

As Product and Commercial Manager for My Digital Accounts, Andy is leading an experienced team of accountants, payroll specialists and technical experts to help freelancers, contractors and their professional advisors transition from traditional bookkeeping software and spreadsheets to accounting bliss with My Digital Accounts.

Managing Cash Flow for Freelancers and Contractors

Search the internet for cash flow advice and you’ll find thousands of generalist articles for small business owners, but what about the specific needs of Freelancers and Contractors?

Learn what you can do as a Freelancer or Contractor to improve your cash flow, understand the questions you should be asking your professional advisor and see how cloud based software can give you the information you need, when you need it.