Angus Findlay

Angus Findlay is an Online Digital Marketer and the founding owner of an Award Winning Online Digital Marketing Agency.

With over 20 years of training and facilitating, Angus has been involved with the rapid growth of the World Wide Web from the early years. He has delivered workshops across the UK with a very engaging, direct and ‘black & white’ approach. His main aim is to translate the language of tech into comprehensive business English and so to enable businesses to take control their virtual presence and achieve their online goals.

Angus has worked with a diverse array of sectors from international tourism and specialist disability schools to large heavy construction services. Each business he works with has had different requirements, internal issues and targets from their on-line presence and goals. Working in-depth with these various sectors has equipped him with a varied, adaptable and invaluable skill-set.

The internet is a minefield of misinformation. Angus’ core belief is that to stay ahead you have to be prepared to learn, unlearn and relearn all of your skills in order to get the best results from your digital visibility.

“Angus has an innate understanding of clients’ needs and the ability to translate this into tangible valuable outputs.”

Are you going to survive Digital destruction?

The digital arena is moving and changing at a rapid pass! Are you keeping up with all the changes? What’s being left behind that might come back to bite you later? This seminar will lead you through the digital minefield so you have a clearer idea with actionable ideas to take back to your businesses.