Barbra d’Engle

Barbra d’Engle grew up on a drought-stricken farm in a semi-arid area of South Africa, and lived with water restrictions for many years. She has sailed across the Atlantic twice, and has first-hand experience of living with strict water rations for extended periods of time. At sea, she saw signs of the pervasive pollution in the ocean, and is extremely aware of the damage that effluent causes to both oceanic and inland waters. She is passionate about water conservation, proper water treatment and environmental health. She has written many articles on conservation and recycling. Her business, provides electronic, chemical-free water purification systems.

The “W” Effect – the Economic Impact of Water

Overview of the Water Economy; The Relationship between Water and Power; Resources, Sustainability and Affordability; The In’s and Out’s of Water; Going Green; Business as Water Resource Protector; The New Business of Water.

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