Boryana Hristova

Boryana is a journalist, self development mentor and a co founder of . The personal approach and ability to listen and observe, knowing the right strategy extends her expertise in creating specialised programmes for individuals and companies working in the field of self development, work-life balance; self ethics and confidence.

She is developing her business, creating a safe environment for women, to support and help eachother, creating an impact and making a difference. She travels around the world expanding the idea, meeting incredible people and building her own future, because “motion creates emotion”

Pros and cons of being an female entrepreneur

In this talk, Boryana will discuss what an entrepreneur is and how you become one. What are the challenges that every woman faces in her work? What are the obstacles in front of a female entrepreneur, and how can they be overcome? This insightful seminar will reveal all!

Boryana Hristova will be speaking in the following theatres:

Commercial Law and HR Theatre - Friday 14.45 - 15.15: Pros and cons of being an female entrepreneur