Bruce Braithwaite / Javed Dange

Bruce joined one of the big four international accounting firms from 1976 and articled with them until 1978, when he received his Canadian chartered accountants designation. He remained with the firm as a taxation specialist until 1982, when he left to form a boutique accounting firm specializing in providing services for knowledge based industries.In 1994 Bruce formed Braithwaite Technology Consultants Inc. (Braithwaite), a company of scientists, engineers and taxation accountants that assist taxpayers in preparing R&D tax credit claims.Bruce is a frequent lecturer on R&D tax credit matters. He has published a number of professional conference papers and newspaper, magazine articles and a book related to this subject. He has also served on a number of professional committees.Bruce Braithwaite has been providing R&D tax credit advisory services for more than 30 years, and has overseen the compilation of more than 10,000 claims. His commitment and the commitment of all members of the firm, to honesty in preparing claims are well recognized in the tax community.The firm has a policy of only submitting claims for projects and costs that are eligible for approval. This is preferable to a “try it and see” approach to selecting projects and determining costs.Braithwaite’s approach and reputation works for the benefit of the client, smoothing the compliance and related review process

Research and Development Tax Relief

Research and Development (R&D) tax credits or cash refunds for your R&D activities. Whether your work involves basic research, applied research, or experimental development, Braithwaite can take the uncertainty out of the filing process and get you the credit you deserve for your innovation. By leveraging our insight, your company can reduce its research investment costs by realising financial credit for its innovations.

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Theatre 14 - Wednesday 11.00 - 11.30: Research and Development Tax Relief