Caroline Lavelle

Caroline Lavelle is Chief Digital Officer at Yell UK, she joined Yell in 2015 from a background in introducing local digital products to businesses in Europe and the US, including European Directories, ZipLocal, Microsoft and Skype.

Leading the digital transformation at Yell, Caroline focuses on digital solutions, making it easy for Yell’s business customers to promote themselves online. This includes a one stop shop of cost effective advertising solutions, optimised using Yell’s insight into what performs best, from their advertising data, which is the largest set in the UK.

Caroline is a strong believer in the small business economy in the UK, running an active local Facebook group, promoting local business in her local area of Berkshire.

5 top tips for using digital marketing to help your business succeed

Caroline presents the key digital market trends and insight into some of the new digital marketing technologies of the future. This presentation will outline the 5 top digital marketing tips in staying ahead in a constantly advancing digital world and ensuring your business is setup to succeed.